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Cool Collie Grooming

Best Collie Grooming - How to groom a rough collie. Border collie grooming top tips for shiny fur healthy skin.

Free Art Print Of Funny Border Collie Shows Fear Of Grooming

Best Collie Grooming

Collie grooming. Brush chris christensen httpamznto2www607 dr. January 10 2019 by shannon cutts leave a comment. Dog grooming comb you will want to use a comb mainly for the feathering on the backs of your collies legs.

The rough coated collie far more familiar than the smooth variety of collie dog might not need shearing and dipping. These active affectionate dogs are so famous that there is a whole online museum devoted to them. The border collie is one of the most popular pet dog breeds in the world.

The smooth collie has a wash and wear coat and a once weekly brush with a rubber curry comb andor a wash leather and a slicker brush when moulting is sufficient. Brush your rough collie once a week being gentle in sensitive areas and removing all mats and knots. You should give your collie a complete grooming before you give him a bath.

Baths given before grooming tend to tighten mats and make loose undercoat more difficult to remove. Grooming the rough collie shes 14 years old and after sterilization the coat condition was so much worse. The rough and smooth collie have different grooming needs.

For mobile grooming where groomers come to you a full service of ears nails anal glands bath. Smooth coated border collies wear a shorter coat than their rough counterparts who carry a double coat consisting of a thick undercoat and a long outer coat that can be straight or wavy. Rough collies have very long full coats while smooth collies have shorter sleeker fur.

Both types have dense double coats that protect their skin and regulate their body temperature but are prone to matting. Below is a brief description of how i groom my collies when they are shedding. Grooming when your collie is shedding youll know when your collie is shedding small tufts of undercoat start to peek out of the topcoat and can just be plucked out.

The fur here tends to be more easily tangled and prone to picking up foreign objects leaves burrs twigs etc. Rough collies do require a little more work but with a little practice. If you have more than one prices can be significantly lower for the second and third dog.

Rough collies are a beautiful breed with a thick double coat of hair that requires maintenance and grooming. Collies are herding dogs with thick manes that require regular grooming. Hard working herding dogs border collies have easy care coats either smooth or rough.

But he does need some grooming although perhaps not as much as youd expect for a coat as luxuriant as his. The price of dog grooming starts around 40 for a full grooming service for a small dog and around 75 for a large dog.


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