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Awesome Collie X Jack Russell

Top Collie X Jack Russell - Gorgeous labrador x collie pups ready for their new home. Jack russell terrier x shih tzu source 11.

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News Collie X Jack Russell

Collie x jack russell. The border jack is not a purebred dog. The three bitches are the last of six born to a pure isds collie but the result of an accidental mating with an equally accidental jack russellborder cross it must run in the family. The border collie and the jack russell terrier were later bred in the united states to create the border jack hybrid.

The border jack known for its intelligence athleticism and bold nature is a medium sized cross between the two purebreds border collie and jack russell terrier. Jack russell terrier x beagle source 12. While the border collie is a herder the jack russell is a hunter and the breeds primary job in the past was rat catching.

Temperamentally hes a jolly little dog with a lively intelligence. Jack russell terrier x pembroke welsh corgi source 8. Both of these working breeds are intelligent incredibly energetic and highly trainable.

The dog in the middle is a x of the two front and back nothing would get past this lot. Ready to leave ready to leave. But physically they look very different.

She had a very high prey drive. Border collie mix jack russell terrier. Just had s tendency to run away.

The purpose behind this breeding seems to have been a desire to develop a breed which would have the quickness and agility to perform in sports flyball a type of relay race in which dogs race over jumps retrieve a ball and return. The pups have a wonderful temperament and are well socialised they are very lov age age. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed.

They are 8 weeks old and have had their first 6 in 1 injection wormed up date and treated against fleas etc. Chihuahua x jack russell terrier source 10. Bitch at the front collie x jack dont plenty with her best dog ive ever owned demon on rats as well.

The puppies look like miniature collies with the exception of a white faced one that i rather took to mainly because she looks as though shes inherited her jr grandmothers head and someone stuck the ears on afterwards. Jack russell terrier x collie source. American eskimo dog x jack russell terrier source 9.

Like the border collie hes highly active and his hunting instincts make him fond of digging up your yard. The dogs head is of moderate width while its muzzle is well defined with a black nose and a pair of dark almond shaped eyes. It is a cross between the border collie and the jack russell terrier.

The border collie jack russell mix also known as the border jack is a high energy hybrid.

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