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Get Inspired For Border Collie

News Border Collie - Border collies are extremely intelligent faithful dogs who live to please their masters. Border collies need lots of attention and praise.

The Blue Merle Border Collie 5 Things You Didn T Know

Best Border Collie

Border collie. It was specifically bred for intelligence and obedience. The border collie was originally called the scotch sheep dog and originated in northumberland along the borders of scotland and england. They respond to high level obedience training and make excellent frisbee dogs and farm workers.

A brilliant workaholic the border collie or scottish sheepdog is a herding livestock dog that uses the eye stamina and high energy to work in pastoral environments. Individuals rescue groups can post animals free rescue me. The border collie dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between scotland and england.

The border collie is a well balanced medium sized dog of athletic appearance displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength. They are able to change speed and direction suddenly. The coat can be either smooth or rough.

Click here to view border collie dogs in new jersey for adoption. The most intelligent dog breed demands daily mental stimulation and exercise and often wins dog sports and excels in sheepdog trials. Border collie rescue information.

The border collies trot is smooth ground covering and tireless moving with stealth and strength. His superior intellect combined with his intensity and obsessive zeal for working are his most impressive features and also the ones that make him unsuitable for most homes. This litter has at least one dog in the puppies parentage going back 3 generations earned an akc conformation championship or grand.

Its hard muscular body conveys the. One of the most intelligent of all breeds the border collie is also one of the most challenging to live with. The border collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the scottish borders for herding livestock especially sheep.

It is a descendant from dogs used by the vikings to herd reindeer the old british droving breeds with spaniel added. He is known for his intense stare or eye with which he. This breed can display incredible agility even after working for long periods.

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