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Ideas For Border Collie Rottweiler

Top Border Collie Rottweiler - The border collie is a highly playful breed. Borderweiler rottweiler border collie.

Border Collie Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix 1001doggy Com

Top Border Collie Rottweiler

Border collie rottweiler. The border collie rottweiler mix is a relatively new mixed breed whose parents are in case you havent guessed the border collie and the rottweiler. Border collie mix westchester county bedford hills ny id. Whereas rottweiler is a fearless good natured calm working dog.

The temperament of a rottie border collie mix will highly depend on the parents. He is also quite protective over his family so expect a great guard dog from him. The border collie has been ranked as the 35 th most popular dog breed in america by the american kennel club.

Border collie mix who is sure to melt your heart. This will probably be a very sweet and even tempered dog. Browse our reputable breeders in pa ohio indiana and more.

The border collie rottweiler mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the border collie and the rottweiler. The temperament of the border collie should help offset the rottie. They can also be territorial.

Like border collies rottweilers are intelligent and can be strong willed. Lancaster puppies offers border collies for sale. Rottweilers like any other dog breed like playing.

Thus border collie rottweiler mixes require thorough training and extensive socialization from an early age. They came from germany and are associated with the town of rottweil. He is an energetic and fun guy with his family yet shy and wary of strangers.

Border collie puppies for sale. They are quite affectionate too. Border collies are also extremely agile and energetic.

Border collie itself is a very intelligent energetic task driven herding dog. The infamous rottweiler is generally known for their ferocity but they are really a protective breed and an amazing herd dog. This mix is generally eager to please and responds well to rewards based training.

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