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Trends For Border Collies As Pets

News Border Collies As Pets - The border collie is a perfectionist with a permanent will to please. Considered highly intelligent extremely energetic acrobatic and athletic they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports.

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News Border Collies As Pets

Border collies as pets. In the 1800s a variety of sheep herding dogs with differing herding styles existed in great britain. The border collie is a herding breed of dog that not only works with animals that can kick and injure them easily but they may come in contact with predators that want to eat the animals the border collie is herding. They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs.

However for those people who have what it takes to own and care for a border collie will have a wonderful and loyal companion by their side. Due to their tendency to herd animals and people they. Border collies are highly intelligent and highly trainable and are superstars at canine activities such as herding obedience and agility.

It is very fetch oriented. It was specifically bred for intelligence and obedience. Border collies are intelligent kind loving energetic and amazing dogs but this breed is certainly not for everyone.

The border collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the scottish borders for herding livestock especially sheep. That flock could be sheep children cats squirrels or anything that moves including cars. They can experience eye ailments and hip dysplasia but in general they are a robust breed.

This breed lives for serving you day in and day out. Border collies continue to be employed in their traditional work of. The border collie is one of the most popular dogs within the uk and they are widely kept as pets as well as still being used for working roles as herding dogs in farming.

This instinct to nip nudge and bark along with his energy cannot be trained out of him. The border collie is a herding dog which means he has an overwhelming urge to gather a flock. Responsible border collie breeders are careful never to breed two merle colored border collies together as their offspring may be blind andor deaf.

It is not an ideal pet for people who do not plan to spend a lot of time with it. Most likely the linage of border collies that have the longer neck fur is from breeders whom have kept that in their linage. Border collies are passionate gatherers of cars bikes joggers cats other dogs livestock deer and running children poking pushing and nipping if the pursued person or animal or object doesnt cooperate.

You must stay one step ahead of this challenging breed and most households are simply not up to the task. If you give them exactly what they need you will never have any problems with these dogs. The consummate sheepdog the border collie is the result of over a century of breeding for function above all other criteria.

These dogs are too intelligent to lie around the house all day with nothing to do. Rather it must be directed. Most border collies are healthy dogs.

Some were fetching dogs dogs having an innate tendency to circle sheep and bring them back toward the shepherd.

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